Two Elenas’ dinner in Shinok restaurant

On November 30th, at 7.30 pm, the kitchen of Shinok restaurant will be attended by two Elenas – a TV presenter and ‘Kommersant-Weekend ’gastronomic commentator  Elena Chekalova and the restaurant Chef Elena Nikiforova. Apart from them, the guests will be welcomed by Elena Chekalova’s husband, a well-known journalist, author of popular TV projects and a gourmet Leonid Parfenov.

Being a cook and a traveler, Elena Chekalova likes learning where the dish comes from, how to adapt it to Russian products using the world’s best technologies, and she talks about it with passion and a great pleasure. She literally charges the dishes with her vital power and her longing to taste the world. The receiving party of this evening, Elena Nikiforova, has been working in the kitchen of Shinok restaurant since its foundation, her creative credo is to transfer national culinary traditions as an important part of the recipes, as a cooking mode and method. Both Elenas value gastronomic history in the food, creativity and unusual flavors combinations made using local products.

Creative culinary union of Elena Chekalova and Elena Nikifirova resulted in a menu of 4 courses made after the famous TV presenter’s recipes and executed by our Chef.

Dinner menu:

Bread basket, pesto of salted lard with juniper and flavoring herbs + infusion

Elk carpaccio with pickled rowan

Warm starters
Banosh (baked maize porridge) made on the basis of thrusting and sour cream with  sheep cheese and white mushrooms


Main dish
Duck leg with beet perlotto

Seaberry parfait


Dinner price is 2500 rubles

Information and table reservation: +7 (495) 213-82-17