There is so much sunshine outdoors


Traditionally, June is the month of strawberry, probably, the most popular garden berry in the world. It is used to prepare desserts and jams, refreshing lemonades and smoothies, sauces for meat and poultry. It is added to salads, and, certainly, it is consumed raw. Strawberry is known to contain a larger amount of vitamin C as compared to lemons and oranges. In addition to this, it is considered to be an afrodisiac. Shinok’s chef Elena Nikiforova offers her own interpretation of dishes through the use of this season berry. Our visitors will be able to enjoy the strawberry menu during the whole month:
– Refreshing cold strawberry soup
– Salad with cucumbers and strawberry
– Strawberry varenyky on crème brûlée bed
– Strawberry dessert with cheese cream in a sulguni bag
– And simply fresh and aromatic strawberry!