Springtime menu in Shinok

In May 2017 Shinok offers the new springtime menu. This is another page in the history of our beloved restaurant, whose menu features the Russian national cuisine solutions, the modern era spirit and the most delightful flavors. Our new menu theme – newly-grown vegetables, the very first vitamins and herbs. A spring salad with wild garlic and strawberries (790 rubles), Black Sea anchovy with herbs (440 rubles), young nettles green caviar (320 rubles), beloved summer soups – okroshka (according to the special recipe by our chef Elena Nikiforova) with whey or homemade kvass (420 rubles) , sorrel soup (460 rubles). As for our hotplates, we recommend you to try a butterfish steak with pickled fresh zucchini (920 rubles) or a juicy mutton cutlet with a spring sauce (890 rubles).

Treat yourself with the most delicious and nourishing meals in Shinok restaurant in May!