Shinok is to hold a coming of age party!

Совершеннолетие ресторана «Шинок»!

On November 18, Shinok restarant is to mark a very special occasion – the coming of age day!
Coming of age is associated with the youth, energy, bold decisions, unrestrained hilarity and thrill-seeking… We invite you to celebrate our coming of age day together, sitting in a circle of friends at the generous table!
We would like to offer a very warm welcome and special treats to all our guests: a soft and fluffy browned korovai (Russian traditional bread), invigorating infusions and aromatic pickles, and certainly champagne… And the first toast is bound to be pronounced to the host himself!
Meanwhile, in the restaurant’s kitchen our cooks will be preparing special dishes from the festive menu under the careful guidance of the Chef Elena Nikiforova in order to amuse the guests on this particular night.
Lively folk songs will help you beat the autumn blues, whet your appetite, and banish fatigue – no party would be complete without proper music. A folk band will be performing for our dear guests on the festive night.


Guests are invited to arrive by 18.00 hours

To book a table, please call us: +7 (495) 651-81-01