Seasonal special: ‘All kinds of salted treats, and other excitingchicken & meat dishes’ – throughout February from Elena Nikiforova, Head Chef at the Shinok Restaurant

Now, tell the truth! Who hasn’t read a restaurant menu and even had the thought… “If only they could arrange all these delicious treats on one bigger platter, and serve it?  It would be great to try them all at once!”

Our Head Chef at Shinok, Elena Nikoforova decided to make this unspoken wish come true – and is offering guests a seasonal special – ‘All kinds of salted treats, and other exciting chicken & meat dishes’.

For those with big appetites, this selection will serve one – but it will also be plenty for three. Just imagine, it features roasted leg of duck with crispy crackling; a juicy cut of pork; Pozharsky cutlets; aromatic blood sausage; and potatoes cooked in different ways, including baked in coals, grill-fried, and as the stuffing for enormous dumplings… as well as fried onion rings, and traditional salted vegetables made to our special recipe. And the price for your order will be 2900 roubles.

The heroes of Russian author Nikolai Gogol’s famous story ‘All kinds of salted treats, and other exciting dishes’ watched the dishes laid for them…couldn’t resist the temptation, and ate long and heartily, delighted with their host’s generosity. And we at the Shinok Restaurant hope you will come and do the same!