Pancake week ‘razguliay’ in Shinok

Pancake Week is one of the most favorite holidays in Shinok. Festivities, songs, ditties, roundelays and, of course, profuse food are the most beautiful traditions of the Pancake Week holidays that are particularly cherished in Shinok.

On 20th – 26th February, Shinok restaurant is happy to invite you for Pancake Week ‘razguliay’. The whole week, from 2 pm to 9 pm, the guests will be invited to an abundant pancake table. Elena Nikiforova, the restaurant’s Chef, will cook 3 types of house pancakes – Shinok pancakes on semolina, lace pancakes on sour cream and buckwheat pancakes on buckwheat. And if you prefer the pancakes ‘hot from the oven’ – they are always being cooked for our guests on the open kitchen. The 3 types of pancakes are served with different fillings (more than 20) to fit every taste – cold, sweet and, of course, our house pancakes fried until gold with pike perch or chicken. The guests will have the chance to make their own pancakes by choosing different fillings. There, they will be assisted by our ‘pancake master’, who can advise what to choose and what to serve it with.

On 25th February, we will add some fun to our feast. Roundelays and songs, ditties and festivities – a popular band will celebrate the Pancake Week with the guests of Shinok restaurant. We’ll have pancakes, drink hot sbiten from samovar and do circle dances. Beginning at 7 pm.