Traditional Russian samovar tea ceremony at Shinok

The Old Russia has known from the dawn of time the best way to spend the evening – of course, it’s a tea party! A cadent noise from a boiling samovar attracts the loved ones to a big table and makes them spend hours in leisurely conversations.

Shinok restaurant is always happy to great guests and to honor good traditions. That’s why with the winter frosts, we invite everyone to indulge themselves with some tea from our samovar. Here, everything is as it should be: for our dear guests, the table is covered with a linen towel, and the old chap samovar decorated with a bundle of bagels is waiting in the middle. The tea from samovar has a unique taste, and the tea variety is at the guests’ choice: willowherb tea with sea berries warms up and keeps the cold away, herbal tea eases the anxiety and Russian traditions tea fills up with energy. Moreover, for all interested, there is a possibility to try our tea with honey and spices, this brew has been offered to the honored guests since ancient times in Russia.

The samovar tea will be complemented with:

3 types of home-made jams (cherry, apricot, current)
condensed milk,
6 blinis Shinok,
baranki rings,

Tea (5 types to choose from) or samovar tea with honey and spices (3 liters) for 4-6 people 2500 rubles

Book the Traditional samovar tea ceremony online and get a jar of homemade delicious jam.
Sincerely, Shinok!