Crafish season at Shinok restaurant

Warmly welcoming Shinok restaurant has prepared a special offer: a dozen of crayfish for a unique price of 1800 rubles!

40% discount on Fridays

The generous and cozy Ukranian restaurant Shinok has a strong offer for you. The long-awaited weekday, Friday, has found new meaning.

Gastronomy set menu Back in the USSR

The Ukranian restaurant Shinok invites you to time travel and taste a special gastronomy set Back in the USSR

Traditional Russian samovar tea ceremony at Shinok

The Old Russia has known from the dawn of time the best way to spend the evening – of course, it’s a tea party!

Birthday in the restaurant “Shynok”

Dear friends!

We are happy to invite you to have your Birthday Party in a cozy and welcoming atmosphere of Shinok restaurant !

Lunches in the family circle

Shinok restaurant is famous for its family feasts.

Great Lent

The Great Lent began – the strictest and longest of the Orthodox Church. Believers and sympathizers face a serious test: until April 28

Christmas gastronomy set menu

The hospitable Ukrainian cuisine restaurant Shinok prepared entertainment and treats for the Catholic and Orthodox Christmas.

Forest and garden at Shinok

“Yes, truly I loved autumn-tide … when the evening gatherings in the huts have begun.”

Cherry season at Shinok

The welcoming Ukrainian restaurant introduces its seasonal cherry menu, plus a range of fresh fruit drinks.

Mushroom menu in Shinok restaurant

Finally, the delight season has begun for all the mushroomlovers!

Gastronomic reading of Anton Chekhov

On June 23rd Shinok is to hold a theatrical and culinary evening inspired by the works of Anton Chekhov.

Strawberry festival in June

In June, chef of Shinok restaurant Elena Nikiforova offers strawberry menu of fragrant and sweet berries. Strawberries contain a lot of useful substances and elements, but have a low energy value, which is doubly nice. • salad of strawberries and cucumbers with Basil sauce, orange zest and tarragon (510 rubles), • brand double dessert – [...]

Dancing at Shinok

On the 12th of May Shinok restaurant invites everyone to an exciting rock’n’roll style party…

Springtime menu in Shinok

In May 2017 Shinok offers the new springtime menu

Music evening in restaurant Shinok On the 21th of April

On the 18th of March Shinok restaurant invites all to spend the improbable evening filled with the sound of spheres and magic of drawings on sand.

Easter holiday

Shinok restaurant invites everyone to celebrate the Easter holiday in a cozy home-like atmosphere

March 8th in Shinok

Dear Friends!

On 8th of March we invite you to visit for the celebration of the most delicate and beautiful holiday of the year…

The Lent in Shinok restaurant

27th February – 15th April is an important period for all the believers – the Great Lent, which is inseparably associated with a bright Easter holiday.

Pancake week ‘razguliay’ in Shinok

Pancake Week is one of the most favorite holidays in Shinok.

Seasonal special: ‘All kinds of salted treats, and other excitingchicken & meat dishes’ – throughout February from Elena Nikiforova, Head Chef at the Shinok Restaurant

Now, tell the truth! Who hasn’t read a restaurant menu and even had the thought…

The Set-o-Mania gastronomic festival at Shinok

Over 1st to 31st January 2017, all of the Maison Dellos restaurants will be holding their traditional Set-o-Mania gastronomic festival.

Russian Christmas at Shinok

Shinok Restaurant invites everyone on 7th January to come and celebrate the glowing feast of Christmas for all the family.

The New Year Holidays at ‘Shinok’

Dear Friends!
Over the January holidays, here at Shinok we’re preparing a ‘generous treat’ for our dear guests.

Christmas giftbox

Dear Friends!
You can order your Christmas giftbox in Shinok Restaurant.

Two Elenas’ dinner in Shinok restaurant

On November 30th, at 7.30 pm, the kitchen of Shinok restaurant will be attended by two Elenas – a TV presenter and ‘Kommersant-Weekend ’gastronomic commentator Elena Chekalova and the restaurant Chef Elena Nikiforova.

Kupala Night

Dear friends!

Shinok restaurant treasures the traditions of Slavic gastronomy and culture.


1890 rubles for drinks without limitation…

Family May Holidays in Shinok!

The friendly Shinok restaurant has prepared an extensive program for family holidays during the May Days.

Victory Day!

On May 9th, our guests will enjoy a special program ‘Victory Day!

The Lent in Shinok restaurant

The Shinok restaurant’s Chef, Elena Nikiforova, suggests having a full fasting menu that meets not only healthy lent diet criteria…

Great Thursday with Maxim Syrnikov

On March 10th, at 8 pm, Shinok restaurant welcomes you to a dinner party with Maxim Syrnikov, a connoisseur of Russian culinary customs.

Loose Pancake Week in Shinok Restaurant.

On March 7th – 13th, Shinok restaurant is happy to invite everyone for Pancake Week.

March 8th. “The Girls”

Shinok restaurant invites you to celebrate the most romantic spring holiday in the atmosphere of the 60s.

Let’s start with a duck…

Shinok announces a series of master classes with the restaurant’s chef Elena Nikiforova.

It’s springtime in “Shinok”

The warm and cozy atmosphere of “Shinok” restaurant will bring a spring holiday in the middle of February

The Old New Year at Shinok!

The restaurant Shinok invites everyone to celebrate the Old New Year on January 13.

Holidays at Shinok

January holidays – is the time of long-awaited …

December 20 – Children’s New Year party

Those who are over us in the reply,

Shinok is to hold a coming of age party!

On November 18, Shinok restarant is to mark a very special occasion – the coming of age day!

The History of Russian Vodka.
From Polugar to the present.

On Tuesday, November 10th, at 20.00 hours, Shinok restaurant will host …

Mushroom Yield at Shinok.

The hospitable and cosy Shinok restaurant, famous for its love for farmer eco products …

Reviving traditions of Russian alcohol-distillation at Shinok!

17 September at 8 pm you are welcome to attend Artyom Savkin’s lecture …

Shinok: honey and apple august

Shinok’s chef Elena Nikiforova has added new honey and apple dishes to the restaurant’s menu.

Borsch-party with Grigory Pogasyan, every Monday at 7pm.

If you truly love borsch …

Set-o-Mania is back again!

From 5 to 26 August, Maison Dellos restaurants will host the well-loved Set-o-Mania …

30 July – Vegetable Tango from the Bazaar

The chef and TV presenter Lara Katsova will deliver a summer dinner at Shinok!

Cherry menu

July is the month of cherry, the heart berry, long glorified and celebrated in poems and songs.

Updated dinner menu

There is so much sunshine outdoors …

There is so much sunshine outdoors

Traditionally, June is the month of strawberry, probably …