Mushroom Yield at Shinok.

Грибной улов в «Шинке».

The hospitable and cosy Shinok restaurant, famous for its love for farmer eco products, would be happy to treat its guests with the original season menu again.
Natural aromas of forest and traditional mushroom recipes by the chef Elena Nikiforova await the restaurant’s visitors throughout October.

Main courses are worth paying particular attention to: fish sichenik (crumbed cutlet) with mushrooms served with baked aubergines and tender potato purée, as well as mushroom basket fried in a pan with crispy potatoes.
Those who are already familiar with Shinok’s cuisine are bound to enjoy mushroom stuffed deruny (potato pancakes) and mushroom stuffed varenyky (dumplings).
If you are looking for new impressions, try out porcini julienne served in a freshly baked roll, Mushroom Basket salad with home-prepared mushrooms, baked potatoes, traditional pickles with coriander and oil dressing.
The menu would be incomplete without golden-brown pierogi (pies) stuffed with porcini in sour cream dough.

For more details, please call us: +7 (495) 651-81-01