Loose Pancake Week in Shinok Restaurant.

Неделя блинного разгула в ресторане «Шинок».

On March 7th – 13th, Shinok restaurant is happy to invite everyone for Pancake Week.  We’ve been always abundantly celebrating this holiday on a traditional large Russian scale.

In our festive menu you’ll find all kind of pancakes and fritters cherishingly made by our talented Chef Elena Nikiforova.

Among the offers by Elena, there are Shinok’s house special pancakes to be extra supplemented with black or red caviar, soft-salted salmon, sour cream and seven types of jam, including pine cone jam and green tomatoes and walnuts jam.

In the menu, you can also find twisted pancakes with red caviar and salmon. Moreover, there is a traditional for Southern Russia dish – benderki. These are thin pancakes with fillings (this time we have pike perch or chicken to choose from) folded in a special manner and fried on both sides.
Special pancakes are provided for our little visitors – kids pancakes with black current jam.
Even such a gourmet as Nikolay Gogol wouldn’t hesitate to visit such picturesque Slavic loft interiors to say farewell to the winter and enjoy authentic pancakes!