Let’s start with a duck…

Начнем с утки…

Shinok announces a series of master classes with the restaurant’s chef Elena Nikiforova.

On March 5 at 16:00 Chef Elena Nikiforova will teach a master class at Shinok restaurant.

Stuffed duck – is the first challenging task. It will give a rise to the entire series of cooking master classes with a genuine Slavic cuisine master. All the participants will have a chance to witness a secret cooking process of stuffed duck – a traditional festive dish.

Even novice housewives clearly understand that the main dish, such a piece de resistance, implies a great responsibility. But it is not that easy to “rehearse” it offering your beloved family the same rolled rabbit, baked pork or stuffed duck for the whole week before the hour of triumph.

We offer a wonderful solution – master class at Shinok restaurant: fascinating cooking process, hearty welcomed guests, team of culinary art lovers and true revelation of new flavors of traditional Slavic dishes.

Elena Nikiforova – a widely experienced professional will gladly unveil her culinary secrets, tell about common mistakes and all the details of cooking a duck stuffed with apples and mandarins. And there is no need for “rehearsals”. You will now start to surprise your guests with a true chef’s signature dish!