Kupala Night

Dear friends!

Shinok restaurant treasures the traditions of Slavic gastronomy and culture. On the eve of the indigenous Slavic holiday of Ivan Kupala Day dedicated to the summer solstice, the restaurant is happy to offer you a live program of the Kupala festival.

A lot of gifts await you: the skillful mistresses of Beauty Embassy Boutique will braid the beauteous maidens, the tree nymphs will offer Kupala wreaths, the sorceresses will make the guard rituals and divinations for fate and wooers, the Chef Elena Nikiforova will treat you with snacks on the basis of fern, that the legend says to be helpful in making the cherished wishes come true, and the trade masters of Polugar will poor you some magic!

This evening will be full of songs, dances, roundelays, rituals, fortune telling and traditional jumps over the fire.

The special guest of this evening: Folkbeatt, a unique musical project, that is brave enough to combine traditional Slavic polyphony with contemporary electronic music – EDM Trap, Dubstep, Hip-hop, Trance, Crunk, as well as the use of Beatbox techniques. A unique sound of energetic folk songs is created by beautiful and powerful voices of the singers in an original electronic arrangement.

All Folkbeat participants are graduates of the Gnesins Russian Academy of Music. This band is a constant participant of numerous international projects and a semifinalist of the musical show “Main Stage” on Russia 1 TV Channel.

Please, book your table in advance!