Great Thursday with Maxim Syrnikov

Широкий четверг с Максимом Сырниковым

On March 10th, at 8 pm, Shinok restaurant welcomes you to a dinner party with Maxim Syrnikov, a connoisseur of Russian culinary customs.

People used to call the Pancake Week Thursday as Great or Loose: this day was full of great fun, round dances and brave songs, and there were always piles of savoury pancakes on the table…

We do respect traditions in Shinok and our main guest this evening Maxim Syrnikov explores the old forgotten recipes and gives them a new life.

We are going to celebrate the Great Thursday with rye, oatmeal, buckwheat and peas pancakes with special fillings made of salted Siberian milk fungus, boiled starlet and crayfish tails.

We’ll also greet our guests with Moscow hotchpot of two fish types.
And for the dessert we’ve prepared an oatmeal starch drink with cream and raspberry and Russian tea with honey and spices.

Dinner cost  – 2 500 rubles.