Gastronomic reading of Anton Chekhov

On June 23rd Shinok is to hold a theatrical and culinary evening inspired by the works of Anton Chekhov. He describes food and eaters so sensually, delicately and expertly, his works are a trueguide to gastronomic temptations.
This evening we invite everyone to plunge into the time of generous feasts and friendly conversations, to unveil the cooking secrets and, of course, get a chance to taste them. The open kitchen of Shinok will be reigned by two beautiful women – an actress and TV presenter Oksana Stashenko and, of course, the permanent chef of the Shinok restaurant Elena Nikiforova.
We’ve prepared a set of 3 dishes inspired by the most famous works of Anton Chekhov:

• The Best Snack – Atlantic herring and fishnet pancakes, cod liver and peaches, a mix of soaked and young radish
• Farmer’s duck, young potatoes, soaked sweet apples, cherry sauce
• Homemade pie with sweet cherries, vanilla sauce and powdered sugar

The cost of the set is 2600 rubles.
Guests are invited to arrive by 8 p.m.
Hurry to book a table on the main floor!