Christmas gastronomy set menu

The hospitable Ukrainian cuisine restaurant Shinok prepared entertainment and treats for the Catholic and Orthodox Christmas.

Everyone who appreciates traditions and wishes to celebrate Christmas in a cozy atmosphere with family and friends is welcome. On December 25, chef Elena Nikiforova will treat you with a special festive set menu: it includes salmon tartare, flavored duck roast and the signature Kiev cake. The cost of the set is 2100 rubles. Festive atmosphere will maintain the folk group Krapiva. This evening in their repertoire will be themed Christmas songs. The dinner will start at 7 PM.

On January 7, guests will be welcomed with a pleasant compliment – a portion of juicy turkey, roasted on the fire, accompanied by a choice of homemade tincture – and the choice in Shinok is very large.

Christmas in Shinok is incredibly delicious, warm and full of children’s laughter and priceless memories of winter holidays.