Cherry season at Shinok

The welcoming Ukrainian restaurant introduces its seasonal cherry menu, plus a range of fresh fruit drinks.

At the height of the summer season, Shinok is adding seasonal fruit and berry drinks to its menu (400 roubles). Bar manager Andrey Kutyanov uses seasonal strawberries together with purple basil, sea-buckthorn with orange juice, fragrant tarragon, juicy pears with sweet apples, and refreshing cucumbers. And, of course, of all the fruits that are in season in July, the clear favourite has to be cherries. For the next month, Shinok will be using this bitter-sweet fruit, not just to make fruit drinks but also its Cherry Boom cocktails: cherries with elderflower liqueur and apple juice (650 roubles). In the blazing July sun, when tarmac in the big city is so hot it’s almost bubbling, and you just want to drink all the time, then fruit drinks are your best choice: they quench your thirst, cool you down, renew your strength and rejuvenate your spirits.

Shinok’s cherry season will last until mid-August, and so it is definitely worth taking this chance to try the light salad with three types of cherry (fresh, smoked, and preserved in their own juice) (720 roubles), the veal stuffed with smoked cherries (1800 roubles), the Ukrainian stuffed pancakes with juicy cherries (520 roubles) or the cherry vareniki (sweet dumplings) (690 roubles). As well as cherry dishes, the restaurant is pleased to offer its guests seasonal wild mushrooms – chanterelles, either served in the classic manner, with fried potatoes (690 roubles), or as a side dish with sour cream and dill (740 roubles).