30 July – Vegetable Tango from the Bazaar

30 июля «Овощное танго с Привоза»

The chef and TV presenter Lara Katsova will deliver a summer dinner at Shinok!
On 30th July, you are invited to join Vegetable Tango from the Bazaar. Selected painstakingly from the best city markets of Moscow, ripe vegetables will become fundamental for this dinner. Lilac aubergines will turn to tender hacilim, springy bell peppers – to zephyrous mousse with basil, and fine mushrooms will be transformed to mushroom paste.
For the main course, enjoy home-made Odessa ragout with farm rabbit and young vegetables by Lara Katsova. And the most important thing to keep in mind, dear loves – you will be offered an excellent peach with honey for dessert on condition you eat well!

If you are still wondering what you would feel like, we will tell you that you will feel good, or even better, though, honestly, it could hardly ever be better at all!
You are invited to arrive by 7 pm.
The cost of a three-serving set is 1,800 RUR.
To book a table, please call us: +7(495)651-81-01